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Our Authors

Spanning the Literary Spectrum


Dani Bright

Dani Bright writes screenplays, novels, and short stories. She specializes in romance, drama, and action/adventure (drama being her absolute favorite). When she's not writing or reading, Dani indulges in anything on Netflix - whether it be a TV show or movie.

Her writing companion is Prince, the black cat who's not as affectionate as Dani would like, but still makes for a good companion nonetheless. If he could talk, he'd say he's a fan of romance (whether or not that's true, we'll never know).

Dani has studied story for a few years, and believes any story (good or bad) can change the world. Imagine, create, inspire.


You can connect with Dani on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all @danibrighttt.


Kay Sour

Kay Sour is a first time YA fiction novel writer. Before writing, she was working towards achieving her B.A. in Theater Production. Which she is still working towards! When not writing, she likes to watch She-Ra and any sapphic tv show/movie she can find (or belt Hamilton).

She writes as she reads which is sporadic and inconsistent, but when she writes it's invigorating, and when she reads, she's inspired. Her main goal in writing is to bring light to the world that is women's love and give back what she didn't have.

Kay hopes to reach a wide range of people and create a family within the community. She also wants more people to talk to about She-Ra.

You can connect with Kay on Twitter @KayMSour

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