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Moonlight Mountain

THEO loves her life in sunny California. She has friends, a job at Musically Mo’s in the mall, and in her free time, likes to lounge in the sun if she’s not playing her guitar. Despite her deadbeat father and disapproving mom, Theo is content. That is, until her mom accepts a job in Colorado, uprooting Theo’s entire life.

ARIANA wants nothing more than to be a professional snowboarder. Her life is filled with snowboarding lessons, a job at her parent’s ski resort, and the aftermath of her complicated relationship with her ex-girlfriend. Ariana barely has time to breathe, let alone spend some time with the new girl.

When Theo gets hired at Moonlight Mountain Ski Resort, she forms fast relationships with Dylan and Ariana. The three of them are inseparable, and Theo finds herself gravitating towards Ariana more and more. But Ariana is dealing with a traumatic past experience that has altered her self view.

Is Theo ready to fall for a girl who might not be able to catch her? And can Ariana overcome her complicated past?

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