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Writer of the Week: Kay M Sour

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us this week as we get to know more about Kay. She is an up and coming author with BrightStar Publishing and is working on her very first novel (which you'll learn more about in time!)

Every other week, BrightStar Publishing will highlight a queer writer in an interview style. We'll all get to know a little more about them and what they're working on. Join us every other Monday to help uplift and support fellow writers.

So without further-ado, please welcome Kay M Sour!

What is your pre-writing process like? Plotter? Pantser?

Pantser all the way. I tried plotting it all out and it just never worked for me. I have a general idea of where I want my story to go and I know how it's going to end. That's all I need. Everything else I practically make up on the spot. Unless I think of a scene I really want to put in my story.

What is the most important thing in your writing? Telling a good story, characters, plot, representation, fun, etc.?

The most important thing to me is my characters. If someone can't connect to the characters in some way, then I feel like they won't be able to connect to the story in a meaningful way.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I would always write. I mean I was a huge fanfiction writer but it probably wasn't until about 1-2 years ago that I actually wanted to be a writer and do this hopefully as a career.

What is your kryptonite as a writer? How do you overcome it?

Actually sitting down and writing. I know that sounds crazy but actually taking the time to get everything in my head on paper is my biggest issue. A way I try to get over that is anytime I'm on my computer, I open up the document and it staring back at me while I'm trying to do something else (usually unproductive) makes me kinda pull myself together and get something down even if it's only one line.

What do you wish to get out of your writing?

I just really want a way to kind of express any of my emotions in a creative positive outlet. Take all the feelings I have and create something beautiful and engaging out of them.

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on my first novel. It's called Mimic and it's my baby.

Best advice to give someone who wants to start writing?

Take an idea and run with it! No matter how small the idea is, it can be created into a whole world. I wrote one line in my notes app and now it's a whole novel!

What are your social medias?

You can follow me on Twitter @KayMSour!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Kay! It means a lot to us that we uplift and support queer writers. Definitely reach out to the writer if you want to talk or learn more about them and their craft! Again, thank you, and see you every other Monday with a new writer interview! :)

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