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Writer of the Week: M.E. Aster

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us this week as we get to know more about M.E. Aster. He is a transgender person who writes queer literary fiction that's heavy on the romance. They write the books they wish they had been able to read as they were growing up. Most of his stories are new adult and they contain varying levels of spice. He doesn't stick to one genre, but currently he's working on a fantasy novel as well as a romantic novella set in modern day London.

Every other week, BrightStar Publishing will highlight a queer writer in an interview style. We'll all get to know a little more about them and what they're working on. Join us every other Monday to help uplift and support fellow writers.

So without further-ado, please welcome M.E. Aster!

What is your kryptonite as a writer? How do you overcome it?

My kryptonite as a writer is time. I never have enough of it to write what I want, or edit, or do the thousand of other things that come along with writing. I work a full time job and I also help take care of my disabled younger sister. I don’t have any secret to overcoming it I just do what I can with the time that I have. I try to write at least a bit each day, or do something that helps my books come to life. I definitely move at a slower publishing pace than I would like, but I do the best that I can.

Favorite book overall or favorite most recent book?

Oh man this question always gets me. I love so many books but I have a soft spot for The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time series. Both those stories got me through so much. As for most favorite recent book I’ve read it would have to be A Curse of Hope and Shadows by Katherine Macdonald. It is the best Beauty and the Beast retelling that I have ever read!

Plot or characters first? And why?

For me it’s almost always the characters. I love to write romance so I almost always dream up two cute idiots falling in love and then the plot sort of happens around them. As for why...well honestly I don’t know. That’s just how my brain works I guess. I have a few stories where the plot came first, but those seem to take me much longer to write so none of them are published yet.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on a ABO novella called Hopeless, Breathless. It is a sexy, sweet, friends to lovers romance that is basically me indulging my love of the alpha/omega dynamic. I’m hoping to have it ready to release early next year.

What do you have out/published already?

I have three books out right now. The first one is a tragic romantic novella titled Three Halves of a Whole featuring a bisexual main character who has to chose between his current girlfriend and his ex-boyfriend who has made a sudden reappearance in his life.

The second is a poetry book called fairytales. This book I wrote more for me when I was going through a rough time and publishing it was very cathartic for me.

And the third is a NA romance novel called Take His Place. It’s my favorite book I’ve written so far. It touches on a lot of topics that are important to me like the mentality around sex workers, emotionally abusive relationships, and poverty. I am really pleased with how it turned out and I am actually running a contest over on my twitter right now for a chance to win a copy of a signed paperback.

Best advice to give someone who wants to start writing?

I know this is overused advice but I am a firm believer in the saying “write the story that you want to read.” If you love the story you’re writing, others will too. If you try to write to please your readers, it won’t be as natural or as fun, at least in my experience.

Where can people find you on social media?

I am mostly on twitter (@ME_Aster) but I also have an Instagram (@asterauthor) a goodreads account (M.E. Aster) and a website (

And that's all for this week, folks! Thank you for taking the time to read about M.E. Aster! It means a lot to us that we uplift and support queer writers. Definitely reach out to the writer if you want to talk or learn more about them and their craft! Again, thank you, and see you every other Monday with a new writer of the week! :)

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