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BrightStar Publishing is currently NOT accepting submissions at this time. We will share on our social medias when submissions are open.


Looking for a publisher who will let you keep creative control and help you build your author career? Well, look no further. BrightStar Publishing is dedicated to amplifying the voices of the LGBTQ+ community through story and giving our community the platform we deserve. We thoroughly read through each manuscript and if accepted, we give feedback. Let us help you get your story out into the world, it deserves to be there.

*** Every submission gets a personalized response back whether we accept it or not

*** Reading manuscripts is time consuming, so please give us up to 3 months to get a response back to you. If you haven't heard anything back by then, give us a little nudge

*** By sending us a submission from your email, you automatically opt in to our email list

Genres accepted:

  • Romance

  • Fantasy

  • Young Adult

  • Mystery/Crime

  • Magic Realism

  • Action/Adventure

  • Dystopian

  • New Adult

  • Historical

  • Sci-Fi

  • Suspense/Thriller

  • Horror/Paranormal

  • Family Saga


  • Your novel should be edited to the best of your ability

  • Author must be in the LGBTQ+ community and feature a main character as such

  • Novel must be at least 40k words

  • It's not necessary for you to copyright or register your work

  • A literary agent is not required to submit your manuscript

  • ONE submission per author. Once you get a response from us, you may submit another

Submitting Your Manuscript:

  • In the subject line it should say: "Submission: Title by Author" (Obviously put your title and your name/pen name in the subject line)

  • Include in the body of the email: Full name (and pen name if applicable), title of your work, genre, and word count. Also, answer the following questions: what are your plans (briefly) for marketing your book, and what editing and revisions has your book been through so far?

  • Attach your entire manuscript in PDF format and no more than a one page synopsis

Please send all emails to

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